the Decision on mandatory verification of user identity

Recently Constitutional Court of Korea ruled that the regulation which required users to identify themselves if they wish to post on a website which attracts more than 100,000 users per day. This regulation has brought about a lot of controversy  for 5 years since its introduction in 1997. In the end, we are back to square one. What is the lesson we’ve got from this case? Professor Keechang Kim of Korea University Law School translated the full text of the decision. http://openweb.or.kr/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/Korean-Constitutional-Court-declares-real-name-verification-unconstitutional.pdf

Preface for the Future of Ideas by Lawrence Lessig

Preface for the Future of Ideas by Lawrence Lessig I still can remember like yesterday the thrill I had when I faced the very first message on my computer confirming it was connected to the web. It was just a black screen with some white letters on it, but clearly a bridge to the new world. The reason why I was so thrilled with the new world was, ironically, that I had no idea what was ever possible to do in that new world. Neither sophisticatedly weaved contents nor a kind guide existed then. Only the message on the black …